The Kids of Degrassi Street

The word on the ‘Street’ is fun!

Lisa, Casey, Griff, Martin, Rachel and the rest of The Kids of Degrassi Street are ready to play! Share their adventures and see the first real TV drama about what it’s like to be a kid - whether it’s the pain of moving to another town, the rewards of friendship, your first babysitting job, how words can hurt and lies can haunt you, and much more. Discover how these ‘street’-smart kids handle the challenges of growing up. Who knows, they might make being a kid a lot more fun!

Includes all 26 episodes of The Kids of Degrassi Street: Ida Makes a Movie, Cookie Goes to the Hospital, Irene Moves In, Noel Buys a Suit, Lisa Makes the Headlines, Sophie Minds the Store, Casey Draws the Line, Pete Takes a Chance, Chuck Makes a Choice, Billy Breaks the Chain, Catherine Finds Her Balance, Benjamin Walks the Dog, Liz Sits the Schlegels, The Canards Move Out, Martin Meets the Pirates, Connie Goes to Court, Griff Makes a Date, Samantha Gets a Visitor, Rachel Runs for Office, Jeffrey Finds a Friend, Connie Makes a Catch, Karen Keeps Her Word, Ryan Runs for Help, Martin Hears the Music, Lisa Gets the Picture and Griff Gets a Hand.

Degrassi Junior High

Includes all 42 episodes of Degrassi Junior High on 9 discs. DVD bonus features include Degrassi Between Takes--a documentary made during the filming of the original Degrassi Junior High series; bonus Degrassi Talks videos on topics such as drinking and drugs, trivia quizzes for all three seasons, downloadable computer wallpaper, and printable materials for educators.

Go to school with the show in a class by itself--and get real! Hailed as "groundbreaking," "powerful," and "totally authentic," Degrassi Junior High confronts it all—friendship, puberty, rumors, sports, studies, and more—with a refreshing ensemble cast and a unique teen’s-eye-view of life. Sometimes moving, sometimes shocking, but always believable, Degrassi Junior High is a classic for teens of all ages. All your favorite characters and storylines are waiting—find your seat—school’s open!

Degrassi Junior High

Includes all thirteen episodes of Degrassi Junior High from Season 1: Kiss Me, Steph; The Big Dance; The Experiment; The Cover-Up; The Great Race; Rumor Has It; The Best Laid Plans; Nothing To Fear; What A Night; Smokescreen; It’s Late!; Parents’ Night; and Revolution.

Degrassi Junior High

Includes all thirteen episodes of Degrassi Junior High from Season 2: Eggbert; A Helping Hand; Great Expectations; Dinner and a Show; Stagefright; Fight!; Bottled Up; Sealed with a Kiss; Dog Days; Censored; Trust Me; . . . He's Back; and Pass Tense

Degrassi Junior High

Includes all sixteen episodes of Degrassi Junior High from Season 3: Can’t Live with ‘Em, Parts 1 and 2; A Big Girl Now; Season’s Greetings; Loves Me, Loves Me Not; He Ain’t Heavy; The Whole Truth; Star-Crossed; Food for Thought; Twenty Bucks; Taking Off, Parts 1 and 2; Making Whoopee; Black and White; Pa-arty!; and Bye-Bye Junior High.

Degrassi High

Hailed as “groundbreaking,” “powerful,” and “totally authentic,” Degrassi High confronts it all - love, death, pregnancy, rebellion, and more - with a refreshing ensemble cast and a unique teen’s-eye-view of life. Sometimes moving, sometimes shocking, but always believable, Degrassi High is a classic for teens of all ages. Find your seat - school’s open!

Includes all 28 episodes of Degrassi High: A New Start, Parts 1 & 2; Breaking Up is Hard to Do; Dream On; Everybody Wants Something; Nobody’s Perfect; Just Friends; Little While Lies; Sixteen, Parts 1 & 2; All in a Good Cause; Natural Attraction; Testing 1…2…3; It Creeps!; Stressed Out; Bad Blood, Parts 1 & 2; Loyalties; A Tangled Web; Body Politics; Crossed Wires; The All-Nighter; Home Sweet Home; Extracurricular Activities; Showtime, Parts 1 & 2; Three’s a Crowd; and One Last Dance.

This program includes material that may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Special DVD features include: Bonus Video! - School’s Out!: Catch up with the kids of Degrassi in the summer after graduation, before they go their separate ways; printable materials for educators; printable cast interviews; Degrassi High wallpaper; Pop Quiz! - Degrassi High trivia; scene selections; closed captions. Bonus DVD features not rated or closed captioned.

Jay & Silent Bob Do Degrassi

Scheduled for release on November 8th and available in 2 versions (rated and unrated!), 'Jay & Silent Bob Do Degrassi' features the 3-episode story arc for 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' which features Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith as they head to the Great White North to shoot their next film, "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh?"

Snoogans! What are Jay and Silent Bob doing in Canada? Rewind. what are they doing at DEGRASSI?

One major perk to being a director is that you can live out your fantasies. Kevin Smith's fantasy? To be featured in a three episode arc of Degrassi: The Next Generation!

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (Clerks... nuff said) head north to film their next movie in which their alter egos are forced to go back to high school, called "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh?" And what better high school to shoot at than Degrassi Community School? But drama ensues even before the cameras begin to roll!

This director's cut edition is a MUST WATCH for any fan of Kevin Smith or Degrassi. Your library (Smith, Degrassi or otherwise) will not be complete without this DVD.

The unrated edition contains a totally unrated version of the episodes (*gasp* an unrated Degrassi?!?).

Here's the info for the unrated version ($24.98 SRP):

Kevin Smith Exclusive:

-Commentary by Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Stacie Mistysyn, associate producer Jim Jackman and writer Aaron Martin

-Five Minutes of Integrated Footage, Not Seen Anywhere

-Reel Footage: The Canadian Ninja Scene


-Extended/Deleted Scenes

-Jay and Silent Bob Photo Album

-Degrassi Photo Album

-Actor Bios

-Character Profiles

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