Degrassi Talks


“If there is no protection, there’s no action.”

‘My boyfriend says … come on, all the kids are doing it.  Why can’t you?”

Kids talk to kids about having sex … about abortion … about pregnancy … about STDs … about AIDS.


“You have a couple and you feel more confident.”

Kids talk to kids about drinking … about being a teenage alcoholic … about what can happen when you drink and drive … about being a victim of a drunk driver.


“Flirting's not asking for sex.  It’s just a game.  Girls play games with guys and guys play games with girls.”

“If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who’s putting you down all the time, why do you stay?”

Kids talk to kids about date rape and other sexual abuse … about beatings … about emotional abuse that doesn’t show but can hurt just as much.


“What makes me depressed?  Family fights.  Not enough money.  When my friends are upset.  Feeling like I’m not good enough.  Rejection!”

Kids talk to kids … about feeling alone and unloved … about feeling depressed enough to take an overdose of pills … about learning to talk and share their feelings.


“Smoking the odd joint once in a while never hurt.”

“The first thing I think about drugs is: stupid.”

Kids talk to kids … about using street drugs, prescription and non-prescription drugs, household solvents … about why they use drugs … about how drug abuse has affected their lives and their families’ lives.


“The worst thing was going up to my mom and asking her for my first bra.  It was so embarrassing.”

“To be sexual, I think, is to celebrate life.”

Kids talk to kids … about the joys and struggles of puberty … about wet dreams, first periods … about feeling attracted to the opposite sex, to the same sex.

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