Degrassi: The Next Generation

The Degrassi alumni are gearing up to get together again and reminiscing about old times. Caitlin has brought her fiance Keith, but Joey's not sure he'll go to the reunion at all - he's still recovering from his wife's sudden death last year and isn't interested in more pity. Keith's condescending attitude over a pre-reunion dinner rubs Joey the wrong way, leading to an argument.

After months of flirting via e-mail, thirteen year-old Emma's new love interest, Jordan, is going to be in town. Coincidentally (fatefully?), it's the same night as her mother's high school reunion. After much consideration and some advice from her mom's friend Caitlin, Emma decides to go for it without telling a soul, even her friends. At the hotel, she is fooled into going to "Jordan's" room and finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Jonathan Torrens is the new Shane

After a lovely summer vacation, there are huge changes at Degrassi. From new locker assignments to new love interests, everyone's feeling the difference - especially Emma, who has to adjust not only to a new stepdad, but also to an upcoming baby in the house. That gets Emma thinking: whatever happened to HER dad? She goes looking for answers, but is she ready to find them?

Not many of the old generation alumni actually had speaking parts at their own reunion.  Pictured below are the few that did:

The Degrassi Flashbackissarged.com_-_the_degrassi_flashback.html
Caitlin joins the DTNG cast in Season 3.
Heather, Erica and Liz make a special appearance in the Season 3 opener.
Kevin Smith  enrolls at Degrassi for a 3 episode storyline ending Season 4 of DTNG (January 31, February 7, and February 14, 2005)
Joey sold used cars and mourned.
Snake taught junior high school.
Caitlin hosted her own tv show.
Lucy limped with a cane.
Spike turned into her neurotic mother.
Wheels  apologized (but only on CTV).
Mr. Raditch grew a bad beard.
Allison took over Tessa's roll as town trollop.
Dwayne lived on.
Alexa & Simon procreated.
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