School’s Out

Pool parties, cottage trips, part-time jobs and making-out bring summertime temperatures to a boiling point.  The gang that has grown up together may not survive the summer as friends.

Join the Degrassi grads during summer vacation in this special follow-up to the award-winning series, Degrassi High.  School's Out takes a realistic look at the period of life when young adults must decide what direction to take, focusing in particular on college decisions, dating, sexuality, responsibility, friendships and the consequences of drinking and driving.


We saw and heard many things in School's Out that we had never seen in the original Degrassi series:

The Degrassi Flashbackissarged.com_-_the_degrassi_flashback.html
You were fucking Tessa Campanelli?
I'd put a bag over my head if I was driving that piece of shit!
Joey Jeremiah spends his summer dating Caitlin and fucking Tessa!
You're such a bastard!
Excessive drug and alcohol use.
Girls in bikinis.
Sex ...
Sex ...
And more sex.
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