Degrassi High

Term 4

A New Start

It’s the first year at Degrassi High!  There are new people to meet, reunions with old friends, some new traditions - and it’s not going to be easy.  Meanwhile, Erica’s summer romance is over, but now she may be pregnant and she is considering having an abortion.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

When Michele’s family breaks apart, things are not as clear-cut as they seem at first.  Erica’s abortion wasn’t easy for her or Heather, and now someone is trying to make things even tougher.  Meanwhile, the Zits decide to make a video, but they have to overcome a few obstacles first.

Dream On

Arthur fantasizes about his dream girl, Caitlin.  Meanwhile, Caitlin accepts Claude’s invitation to the movies, even though she has a date with Joey for the same night.  Kathleen develops a romantic interest in Scott, an eleventh grader.  Liz is telling people that Erica had an abortion.

Everybody Wants Something

The Zits make a nonsexist rock video.  Caitlin and Joey learn that breaking up is hard to do.  Clutch tries to prove to Lucy that he has changed.  Erica learns that Liz is the one who has been harassing her because of her abortion.

Nobody’s Perfect

Kathleen’s new boyfriend Scott becomes physically and emotionally abusive.  Spike goes on a date with Patrick, despite her initial suspicions about his intentions.  Joey and Caitlin talk about why they broke up.

Just Friends

At a party, Heather throws herself at wheels and seriously damages their friendship.  L.D. finds out she has leukemia.  The Have Nots - Kathleen, Melanie, and Diana - offend Maya by not inviting her to a movie because the theatre isn’t accessible to handicapped persons.

Little White Lies

By smoking and drinking, Diana tries to change her “good girl” image and Melanie tries to impress Luke.  Joey, Snake, and Wheels suffer deflated egos and wallets when they try to see a striptease.

Sixteen Part 1

Michele’s father’s rigidity and his prejudice toward B.L.T. convinces her to move out.  Spike tries to avoid Patrick’s attention.  Lucy comforts L.D. as she faces her fears about having leukemia.  Joey and Snake joke their way through driver’s ed.

Sixteen Part 2

The pressure of working interferes with Michele’s schoolwork and social life.  Alexa’s party plans fall apart as one by one her friends back out.  Lucy organizes everyone to make a birthday video for L.D. while she’s in hospital.  Joey and Snake fail their driving tests.

All in a Good Cause

Claude convinces Caitlin to help him spray paint antinuke slogans on a factory where nuclear weapons will soon be produced.  Arthur and Yick toilet-paper Mr. Raditch’s yard in an attempt to raise money for UNICEF.  Scott beats up Kathleen again, and she reports him to the police.

Natural Attraction

When Erica starts dating again, Heather has trouble dealing with it.  She feels guilty about supporting her sister’s abortion and she’s afraid that Erica’s new romance could lead to another pregnancy.  Meanwhile, Tessa asks Scooter to the dance, and Alison and Amy fight over Snake.

Testing 1... 2... 3...

Joey finally gets his driver’s license but learns that his academic difficulties are due to a learning disability.  Caitlin anxiously awaits her court date.  Maya offers to go to court with Caitlin after Claude reneges on his promise to go with her.  Most of Mr. Wilson’s class cheats on the science test.

It Creeps!

Lucy directs her first movie - a feminist horror film called It Creeps!  Shane returns, after many months in rehab, wanting to see Spike.

Stressed Out

Degrassi students are facing final exams.  Michele abuses caffeine pills because she feels she must get high grades to prove to her father that she can handle working and living on her own.  Snake is afraid to fail his driving test again and develops psychosomatic symptoms.  Caitlin writes a letter of protest because she mistakenly presumes that Ms. Avery is being fired.

Term 5

Bad Blood

Dwayne is shocked to learn that his summer sexual encounter has made him HIV positive. B.L.T. and Michelle's relationship is in trouble. In a bid to win enough money for a down payment on a car, Joey sprints naked through the cafeteria. Controversy ensues at Degrassi when condom machines are put in the girls' and boys' bathrooms.


Caitlin is devastated when she discovers that her father is having an affair.  Michelle, hurt by her breakup with B.L.T., goes out with Snake with unexpected results.  Alexa lies to Michelle about spending time with B.L.T. and his new girlfriend.

A Tangled Web

Still struggling to cope with his parents’ death, Wheels is acting out in school and at home.  In a confrontation with his grandmother, she asks him to leave.  Caitlin tells her parents she knows about her father’s affair.  Arthur plays matchmaker between Tessa and Alex.

Body Politics

The girls’ volleyball team lodge a protest when the boys’ basketball team is given priority for practice time.  When Lucy speaks out for the girls’ volleyball team, she loses her date for the semiformal dance.  Alexa and Michelle reconcile their friendship.  Having broken up with Spike, Patrick asks Liz out.

Crossed Wires

Liz is haunted by memories of being sexually abused as a child.  Tessa and Yankou discover the joys and frustration of early romance, and Joey and Dwayne find a new way of relating to each other.

The All-Nighter

Kathleen surprises her friends by bringing marijuana to Diana’s birthday party.  Joey continues to be frustrated by Wheels, who is still staying at Joey’s house.  Arthur, Luke, Joey and Yick play poker for money, while Yankou stays home and does homework.

Home Sweet Home

Joey asks Wheels to leave after he discovers that Wheels has been stealing money from his mother.  Wheels’s reputation as a liar is also interfering with his other friendships.  Michelle decides to move back in with her father after they work out their differences in a contract.

Extracurricular Activities

Bronco reveals to Lucy that the Savages are coming to Degrassi to film a video.  Lucy disappoints Bronco when she shares the secret with Heather and Erica.  Joey and Snake find out about the Savages when they sneak into Degrassi to retrieve Joey’s homework.  Caitlin visits her parents and discovers to her surprise that they are planning to reconcile.

Showtime, Part 1

While the other kids are preparing for a talent show, Claud becomes depressed and feels he has no place to turn.  Later, Claude commits suicide at school.

Showtime, Part 2

After some debate, the talent show proceeds while students come to grips with Claude’s suicide.  Joey and Caitlin make amends after Joey helps Caitlin deal with her conflicting feelings about Claude’s death.  Snake gets help from a counselor as he tries to recover from the trauma of Claude’s body.

Three’s a Crowd

The Degrassi kids are preparing for the semiformal, and everyone is looking for dates.  When Spike finds out that Snake likes her only as a friend, she steps aside so that he can go to the dance with Michelle.  Tessa breaks up with Yankou when she realizes she prefers Yick.

One Last Dance

After rumors start circulating that a student at Degrassi has AIDS, Dwayne reveals that he is HIV positive.  Lucy is elected school president, but when it’s announced that Degrassi High will be closing next year, she realizes she won’t get a chance to serve.  Joey and Caitlin reunite at Degrassi’s last dance.

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