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Degrassi Junior High

Term 1

Kiss Me, Steph

When Stephanie begins the new term by running for school president, her best friend Voula offers to be her campaign manager.  But Voula is appalled when Stephanie begins campaigning on kisses and wild promises.  Meanwhile, Stephanie’s kid brother, Arthur, joins forces with Yick to avoid Joey’s bullying.

The Big Dance

Voula is sure she is old enough to go to the dance, but her old world father is not convinced.  Angry, she lies to her father and slips out to the dance anyway - how will her father ever find out?  But her plan goes awry when she is asked to make the speech that Stephanie, the school president, is too drunk to make.

The Experiment

Yick is convinced Mr. Raditch is picking on him and with Arthur’s help he sets up an experiment, handing in as his own an old paper of Stephanie’s.  But the results aren’t quite what they expected.  Meanwhile, when Kathleen and Melanie believe the vitamin pills Joey has sold them are really drugs, Joey finds himself in hot water.

The Cover-Up

Joey is fascinated by Rick, the school tough guy.  However, when Joey goes to Rick’s place after school, he finds out that Rick’s bruises aren’t from street fights but are inflicted by Rick’s own father.  Joey is faced with a dilemma of what action he should take.

The Great Race

The boys’ soccer team has been challenged to a battle of the sexes swimming race by the girls’ swim team.  But when Melanie, the star swimmer, gets her first bra and all the boys tease her, she refuses to be seen in a bathing suit ever again.  Yick and Arthur have their own physique problems - it seems as if everyone’s had a growth spurt but them.

Rumor Has It

Rumors are flying that Ms. Avery is gay, and when Caitlin has disturbing dreams about her favorite teacher, she begins to wonder about her own sexuality.  Meanwhile, Rick has a reputation for being a tough guy, and when he goes on a spending spree after $20.00 disappears from Yick’s locker, Arthur, the detective, swings into action.

The Best Laid Plans

Stephanie asks Wheels out on a date, but bravado and overheard conversations lead both of them to imply to their friends that they’re going to “do something” - though neither is at all sure that they’re ready for it.  Meanwhile, Yick has pinched a video from his brother - “Swamp Sex Robots” is so hot it’ll fry your eyeballs!

Nothing to Fear

When L.D.’s dad goes into the hospital, L.D. is terrified.  Years ago, her mother died while undergoing treatment at a hospital and L.D. is terrified that her father may die also.  Meanwhile, when Amadeus, the school’s snake, gets loose, Melanie nearly falls apart.  She just knows she’ll be the one to find it unexpectedly.

What a Night

Lucy’s clothes are always so sophisticated - Voula wishes she could dress like her.  Voula goes “shopping” with Lucy, but when she finds out Lucy doesn’t pay for her purchases, it’s too late - the police have already been called.  Meanwhile,  when Stephanie gets to meet her soap-opera star idol and he gives her his phone number, she can hardly believe her luck.


When cynical Rick suddenly takes and interest in the Environmental Action Committee, Caitlin decides he can be redeemed if people will give him a chance.  But Rick’s not so sure he wants to be someone’s project.  Meanwhile, Arthur doesn’t know what to do when, unknown to Yick, he accidentally breaks what he believes is Yick’s family heirloom.

It’s late!

When Spike’s period is late, she can hardly believe it - she never meant to go as far as she did with Shane.  She is torn apart, not knowing what to tell Shane, or worse, her mother.  Meanwhile, Yick has a crush on Melanie and seeks Arthur’s romantic advice, since he’s never asked a girl out on a date before.

Parent’s Night

When Wheels’ birth father shows up out of the blue, Wheels has to deal with his feelings about who he really is.  Spike inadvertently comes to his rescue when she asks Wheels for advice on whether to put her baby up for adoption.


To make Wheels jealous, Stephanie, the school president, puts Joey into the vacant post of Sports Rep.  But the Position is traditionally held by a seventh grader and the entire seventh grade class starts a move to impeach her.  Arthur is torn - does he side with his class, or with his sister?

Term 2


Shane begins to understand the responsibilities of parenthood when Spike includes him in an experiment – caring for an egg as if it were an infant.   Lucy’s party doesn’t turn out to be the great time everyone expects.  Wearing Stephanie’s clothes, Alexa captures the attention of Simon, the new boy in class.

A Helping Hand

Just as Lucy’s parents seem busier than ever,  the new substitute teacher makes Lucy his class pet.  The Zit Remedy loses its bass player when Wheels needs tutoring. L.D gets a makeover.

Great Expectations

Joey plans to find out for himself if Liz, a new student, is as fast as everyone says. Arthur, concerned with the first signs of puberty, phones a radio talk show for advice.

Dinner and a Show

Shane’s parents are upset and embarrassed that their son is the father of Spike’s baby. Nonetheless, they invite Spike and her mother to dinner so everyone can meet and talk.  Yick summons the courage to ask Melanie on a date. Melanie accepts, but then makes up an excuse so she can go out with Snake instead.


Caitlin has difficulties accepting her condition when she learns she has epilepsy. Michelle is overcome with shyness when Mr. Raditch requires the class to make speeches. When Kathleen wins the lead in the school play, Caitlin almost drops out.


Joey has to face violent consequences when he crosses Dwayne, the school bully. Stephanie finally realizes, after weeks of flirtation, that Simon is interested in Alexa, not her.

Bottled Up

Rick and Caitlin try to help Kathleen when they discover her mother is an alcoholic. Scooter and Max try to change their image when Arthur and Yick call them nerds.

Sealed With a Kiss

Erica decides she is spontaneous, romantic, and mature while her twin Heather is sensible and boring. And to experiment with how different she is, Erica passionately kisses a boy at the school dance, making Heather jealous. Meanwhile, Wheels rejoins the Zit Remedy, but Snake has second thoughts about the band. Stephanie becomes depressed as her father renews his fight for custody. 

Dog Days

Stephanie’s depression deepens as her father continues to fight for custody and her mother makes plans to remarry. Stephanie dresses sloppily, neglects her schoolwork, and avoids social activities. Also upset by the family turmoil, Arthur considers running away.


Caitlin submits an article to the student paper supporting Spike’s right to remain in school despite her pregnancy. The article is rejected by the faculty advisor as unbalanced, so Caitlin distributes it herself – without consulting Spike. Offended by the pin-up posters in Joey’s locker,  L.D decides to decorate her locker with revealing photos of men.

Trust Me

Spike’s pregnancy gets her thrown out of school for setting a bad example. Disaster strikes when Joey and Wheels talk Snake into letting them spend the night when his parents are away.

... He’s Back

Lucy wants Wheels and L.D to forget about what  Mr. Colby did to her until he returns to substitute in 7th grade. Susie can’t depend on anyone else but Mr. Colby to help her with the yearbook.

Pass Tense

Degrassi kids face their last exams, and while Wheels worries that he might not pass, Joey discovers that he may have to repeat the year. The eighth graders’ dreams of high school are crushed when the find out Degrassi plans to include ninth grade.  The seventh-graders go on strike to protest having to do all the work for the graduation dance.

Term 3

Can’t Live with ‘Em

The Degrassi kids are back at school in a one-hour special. Wheels struggles with grief and  guilt when his parents are killed in a car accident. Kathleen runs for school president, and Shane tries to prove to Spike that he wants to share responsibility for the baby.

A Big Girl Now

Lucy’s relationship with Paul makes her a fickle friend. And Paul has some sexual expectations she’s not sure she’s ready for. Kathleen becomes a very active vice president.

Season’s Greetings

It’s Christmas at Degrassi, yet all is not cheerful. Yick and Arthur are mad at one another and Shane is unhappy that Spike never lets him see their daughter, Emma. With Dorothy’s encouragement, Yick and Arthur remember all the fun times they’ve had together.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Caitlin gets hurt when she misunderstands Joey’s intentions. Alexa’s efforts to help Michelle win B.L.T’s attention takes an unexpected twist.

He Ain’t Heavy

Snake’s brother, Glenn, unexpectedly returns home for m medical school. Snake is excited to see his all-star older brother until Glenn announces he’s gay. Meanwhile, Joey decides to take the Zit Remedy’s tape to a local radio station and Dorothy is telling people that Arthur is rich.

The Whole Truth

As editor of Degrassi Digest, Caitlin is always searching for a “hot issue” – which she finds when Liz organizes a protest for animal rights. But when Caitlin does some of her own research, she discovers that there are two sides to every story. Meanwhile, Scooter and Bartholemew try growing “sea creatures” in a fishbowl and Joey is caught in another scam to promote himself and the Zit Remedy.


True to her horoscope, Erica falls madly in love after catching a glimpse of Clutch. So when Clutch asks Heather to the charity bowling match, the twins decide to switch places. Meanwhile, Alexa decides she wants her old boyfriend Simon back.

Food for Thought

Kathleen shows symptoms of anorexia and Melanie tries to help her. Heather and Erica do a project for the science fair on eating disorders and begin to worry about Lucy’s eating habits. Alexa gives up her crash diet after realizing she likes herself the way she is, and that Simon does too.

Twenty Bucks

Shane spends his monthly child-support money on a concert ticket. Melanie spends all her money buying Cokes and fries for her friends and then “borrows” $20 from her mother so that she can buy a ticket to the concert. Joey asks Caitlin out to win a $20 bet and gets a soda in his lap when she realizes what motivated their date.

Taking Off, Part 1

Wheels continues to have trouble dealing with the death of his parents. He isolates himself from friends and family and stops going to school. After receiving a letter from his biological father, Wheels decides to run away. Meanwhile, Luke and Shane take acid on their way to a concert. Shane does not return home that evening, and is still missing the next morning.

Taking Off, Part 2

Wheels runs away and heads for the town where his biological father is performing with his band. Meanwhile, Joey and Snake argue about whether they should tell Wheels’ grandmother that they know or keep their promise to Wheels not to tell. Shane is found badly hurt and is in a coma in the hospital.

Making Whoopie

Arthur’s dad continues to see Carol. Feeling rejected, Arthur worries that Carol and his dad may get married. Melanie decides to ask Snake out on another date and finds out that Kathleen is an unexpected ally. Meanwhile, Degrassi Junior High students prepare for parents’ night.

Black and White

B.L.T asks Michelle to the graduation dance, but her parents disapprove her dating someone form a “different culture”.  Spike applies for a job but is rejected because of her hairstyle.


Lucy hosts a “secret” party when her parents are away and Joey, Snake and Wheels are caught by the police after buying beer for the occasion. Lucy breaks up with Clutch because he gets physically aggressive with her when he’s drunk.

Bye-Bye Junior High

Wheels and Spike are concerned about failing their final exams. Joey wants to go to the graduation dance with Caitlin, but first he has to live up to a deal he made with is parents. Meanwhile, the fire-alarm system has a surprise in store for everyone.

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